St Helen's School Council


Our school council provides children with opportunities to develop important character virtues such as confidence, communication, problem solving and service and is a key part of our character education programme.

Our school council is structured in a similar way to the staff leadership here at St. Helen's. We have Head Students, a Senior Leadership Team, a Middle Leadership Team and Trainees.

The school council has six committees. Each committee is supported by a teacher but the children do all of the hard work! Each committee has its own action plan with clear actions that the children work together to achieve.

The work of all of the committees incorporates all four cornerstones of our Curriculum 360 - academic, character, innovation and community.

The committees are:

Ethos & Equality Committee

  • Christian distinctiveness, e.g. collective worship, prayer & reflection and church links
  • Accessibility and diversity awareness
  • Visibility and representation 

Community Cohesion Committee

  • Local, national and global citizenship and international-mindedness
  • Community links
  • Volunteering
  • Communication and marketing

Eco & Environment Committee 

  • Ecological awareness, e.g. recycling and sustainability
  • Premises improvement (indoors and outdoors)
  • Health & safety
  • Development of the school grounds

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Enterprise Committee

  • Digital creativity
  • Fundraising
  • Business links
  • Finding new and exciting ways of doing things

Health and Well-being Committee

  • Sports Leaders
  • Lunchtime Leaders
  • Playground Friends
  • Healthy Eating Champions
  • Mental Health Champions

Learning Champions Committee

  • Oracy Leaders
  • Reading Buddies
  • Maths Superstars
  • BSL Ambassadors
  • Spelling Champions
  • And much, much more!