Living Our Virtues - Character Education Enrichment Programme


Character Education is the foundation of personal growth and academic success, and through C360 all four cornerstones become interconnected empowering equity and excellence.


Every year group, as part of their Character Education journey, will complete six enrichment projects to demonstrate and apply their personal character growth in a range of practical situations - "Learning to live out our vision so that our values become our virtues."

Inspiring Speaker: Children participate in a range of oracy projects through which they develop language, vocabulary, vocal presentation skills and confidence in delivering a meaningful message fluently and competently to others. Children learn how their voice can be a powerful tool in bringing about change in our world.

Inspiring Researcher: Children have the opportunity to create their own inspiring research projects linked with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Children learn about justice and global issues, ask their own questions, think innovatively and communicate their thoughts in a range of ways.

Inspiring Young Leader: As children move through the school they have opportunities to take the lead. Our youngest children develop teamwork and cooperation skills, making decisions as a group for school-based projects and then beginning to take the lead in elements of the shared projects. Our older children develop their ability to independently generate ideas, lead teams, develop ideas and engage in projects across the school and within the local community.

Inspiring Volunteer: Children have opportunities to make links and get involved with local, national and international action projects. They have opportunities to develop their cooperative and civic virtues when working together to serve others and the world. Children also engage in fundraising projects to effect change.

Inspiring Skill Builder: Children have opportunities to learn a range of new skills in exciting and innovative ways. Children develop practical skills alongside virtues such as courage, resilience, confidence and resourcefulness.

Inspiring Adventurer: Children engage in off-site activities which allow them to explore the exciting and diverse world around them. Children participate and take the lead in visits and residentials as they move through the school. Children have opportunities to demonstrate a range of personal strengths including independence.