Welcome to the Spring Term in Class 6

Dear parents and carers of children in Class 6,

It’s a new year and we are excited about the term ahead!

This term we continue to encourage year 6 to become independent and reflective learners. We already see the pupils are maturing and more able to manage their learning and behaviours in a calm and sensible manner. They are a fabulous group with many talents. These skills are vital for transition to secondary school and will support positive learning in the future. This term we will also start planning transition visits to their new secondary schools.

This term our theme is ‘Social Injustice’ and Year 6 will be looking at various aspects including prejudice, slavery, law and immigration based in Palestine. The topic will be the basis for much of our curriculum and many of our lessons.

In English, we are beginning the term by studying different stories from history that include aspects of social injustice. We will be writing stories, reports and holding debates on this subject. We will also cover other aspects of how the British Empire was formed.  We will continue to encourage regular reading in Year 6. We hope parents will support the pupils by discussing their reading at home. Talking and understanding what can be inferred from a text is as important as being able to read the words. Please continue to discuss the books your child is reading and ask lots of questions so that they can practice their reading comprehension skills. The children will also do weekly comprehension tasks in order to be ready for the end of Key Stage SATs!

In Maths, we will continue to study a wide variety of topics including using number, algebra, shape, statistics, problem solving and written calculations. Maths homework will include SATs booster suggestions. Please keep practising their times tables also – it will make maths so much easier!

This term we start to prepare for our Year 6 SATs but we have lots of other exciting things planned. Parents can support their children by purchasing the suggested SATS booster books. Every week, I will give suggested pages to support their learning in school. Key dates are April 27th which is SATS practice week and May 11th which is the Statutory National test week. Pupils will be supported through the process and we will have special SATs breakfasts to get a great start to each day.

Please ensure your child has a FULL change of kit including trainers EVERY DAY in school. Some pupils will also be invited to other sporting events during the term. We will also continue with our daily mile every afternoon.

If you would like to speak to me about any aspect of your child’s education, please do so. Catch me after school or you can make an appointment through the school office. There is also ‘Parent Consultation Week’ just before February half term in the week beginning 10th February when we can spend more time discussing your child’s progress.

Looking forward to an exciting term ahead.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fidler