A Spiritual Journey

“We touch on spirituality when we encounter an experience on life’s journey that causes us to reflect on the deeper things in life, its meaning, and our purpose within it, and as a consequence our lives are transformed. “ Jon Westwood

At St. Helen’s Church of England School we support children’s spiritual development using the ‘candle, window, mirror, door’ approach.


The starting point - Reflection and elicitation: Thinking about current beliefs and practises.



Learning about - Encounter: The ‘learning about life in all its fullness’.

Opportunities to look out at the world to learn, to gaze, to wonder and become aware of the world in new ways; to wonder about life’s ‘WOWs’ (things that are amazing) and ‘OWs’ (things that are worrying or upsetting).




Learning from - Reflections: The ‘learning from life’ by exploring their own insights and perspectives, and those of others.

Opportunities for children to look inward and reflect on their experiences, to consider some of the BIG questions of life and consider some possible answers. To explore their own insights and those of others.




Transformation - Putting thoughts and ideas into action: and becoming Inspiring Change-makers The ‘ learning to live by putting into action what you believe’.

Opportunities for children to respond, to DO something, to go through the ‘door’ of a creative expression of their own thoughts and convictions. The aim is to develop and nurture children who have the confidence to truly believe that they can make a difference in the world. To foster in them a spirit of agency and engagement with the world.