Entrepreneurialism, Innovation and Social Impact. 

We are an incubator for pupil ideas, offering exposure through our C360 curriculum framework and enquiry based learning to support the development of young entrepreneurs and innovators that have social impact and inspire change.

 At our core is our commitment to provide an education that is unsurpassed: developing intellectual habits and inquiring and reflective young minds that can quickly adapt to change. We do this through our C360 framework, placing equal emphasis on Character development, Community, Innovation and Academic skills. 

We believe that: 

~    Entrepreneurship is the development of key life skills.

~    Innovation is a creative mind-set.

~    Social impact is a guiding principle

 Entrepreneurism and innovation practice will enable pupils to turn ideas into action helping them to become more creative, solution focused and self-confident whatever the challenge. Pupils will gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and develop their character, becoming better equipped to take action as global citizens.

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