Enrichment at St. Helen’s


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” Dalai Lama

“Love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort and keep on learning.” Carol Dweck


‘Enrichment’ is often thought to mean school trips and after school clubs, however, at St. Helen’s we believe enrichment encompasses all experiences that provide child-focused, transformative opportunities and make children’s educational experience more meaningful and rewarding.

We build enrichment opportunities into our Curriculum 360 and our unique Character Education Programme so that all children have access to a wide variety of enrichment experiences during the school day, as well as beyond.



Curriculum 360, including our Character Education Programme, aims to inspire children with a wealth of engaging enrichment experiences including: academic stretch and challenge, creative endeavours, outdoor learning activities, physical challenges and learning in new environments and with new people.



Our belief is that exposure to a wide variety of new, exciting opportunities and challenges ensures that all children develop, not only the knowledge, skills and techniques, but the confidence and enthusiasm to take part, compete, solve problems, experience and enjoy all enrichment opportunities.



Enrichment gives children opportunities to develop virtues of good character such as resilience, independence and motivation, and encourages them to develop their interests and talents and pursue wider goals, preparing them for future success.



Appropriately designed enrichment activities develop an appreciation for cultural and community issues, teamwork and social responsibility and equip children to be responsible, respectful and caring citizens.



Examples of how enrichment opportunities are provided include:


In the classroom:

  • Character Education Programme - a bespoke programme of weekly lessons explicitly teaches children about character virtues alongside opportunities to practice the virtues through the curriculum, leading towards an annual Character Education Recognition Award
  • Cross-curricular projects ensure all children learn to carry out in-depth research using a variety of media, apply their learning across disciplines and present both in writing and orally through TED Talks
  • Daily Physical Activity is a fun and inclusive approach that enriches all children’s physical activity
  • BSL (sign assisted English) ‘Sign of the Day’ has been developed in response to the needs of our school community
  • ‘Word of the Day’ in each classroom develops children’s vocabulary and oracy skills
  • PSHE and Circle Time help children develop social and interpersonal skills
  • Vertical groupings such as Reading Buddies and the School Council allow older children to act as role models and pass on skills and knowledge to younger children
  • Maths challenge areas in classrooms ensure that children have opportunities to extend their learning (coming soon)


Outside of the classroom (but during the school day):

  • Collective Worship - daily acts of collective worship enrich children’s spiritual development and bring the school community together with the additional support of the Torridge Mission Community
  • Outdoor learning opportunities built into C360
  • Visiting speakers, for example authors, local figures or parents who have skills or expertise to share, e.g. a paramedic or engineer
  • Lunchtime clubs, e.g. the school choir and chess club
  • School performances
  • Sporting competitions
  • Church services
  • Whole-school events, e.g. World Book Day and Comic Relief
  • Supporting charities, e.g. Edukid and Harbour through activities such as fundraising and food bank collections
  • The School Council
  • Bikeability
  • Atlantic Racquet Centre tennis coaching
  • Swimming at Northam Pool
  • Local or national challenges and competitions such as maths, writing or STEM
  • Acts of Service in the local community, e.g. beach cleans or carol singing at Kenwith Castle


Beyond the school day:

  • After school clubs, such as computing, art, music or sport
  • School trips and residential visits, e.g. to St. George’s House and Bristol


At home:

  • Seesaw home learning links
  • Inspiring change-maker challenges - be a courageous advocate!
  • IXL - online English and Maths enrichment
  • Manga High maths enrichment games
  • Roots and Fruits home/school values - reflective and spiritual enrichment activities
  • The Language Institute (coming soon) - learning languages at home