We believe that education should be a journey that fosters a love of learning,
where every child is supported and challenged to achieve their full potential.
At St. Helen’s we aim to create a respectful and caring environment based on Christian values
as exemplified in the ‘Every Child Matters to God’ agenda, through which we encourage children to grow spiritually
and become independent learners.
We provide rich and diverse experiences that enable all children
to develop a deep social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness.
We aspire for our children to become resilient individuals who are well equipped to become responsible citizens of the future.




Headteacher: Mrs. Claire Lewis, BSc/PGCE

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SWGfL Whisper is a reporting service offered by South West Grid for Learning as part of its BOOST suite of online safety services for schools. The service, hosted by the Grid, consists of a website button / link that launches an online dialogue-box to capture information or details for anyone who needs to report issues to the school. That information is then sent to an email address nominated by the school. It also comprises an alternative SMS service that uses a school specific number to send information. Both services can be regarded as anonymous if the user chooses to withhold their personal information


Tel: 01237 475276

St Helen’s C.of E. Primary School
EX39 5AP

Email admin@ash-sch.org

Mrs. Claire Lewis, BSc/PGCE

School Business Manager:
Mrs. R. Colpus-Fricker DSBM

Chair of the Governing Body:
Mrs. Gill Marlow

To contact the Governing Board please email: