Curriculum Statement

The curriculum is what characterises life at St Helen’s.

Our curriculum is driven by our vision:


At St. Helen’s we teach children to LOVE first;

We show children how to forgive and how to reconcile.

We aim to inspire children to LEARN with joy, curiosity and enthusiasm;

And to strive for excellence in all they do.

We hope for children to develop the aspiration to SERVE and make a positive difference in the world.

To have the compassion to care and the courage to act.


At St Helen’s, our curriculum is underpinned by our Christian values and a focus on:

  • Developing positive learning behaviours such as resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness, reciprocity and risk.
  • Developing a ‘growth mindset’ – the belief that we can improve through hard work, the use of effective strategies and help from others.
  • Developing the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be able to understand and articulate the learning process.
  • Enquiry-led learning, allowing children the opportunity to explore ‘big questions’ within key themes.
  • Creative uses of technology, ensuring that children use technology safely and purposefully.
  • Current local, national and global issues, ensuring that children’s learning is relevant and meaningful.
  • Developing in children a sense of agency and a desire to become courageous advocates, using their learning to make a difference.
  • Consolidating core skills in English and Maths, ensuring that all children have the skills necessary to achieve across the curriculum.

Learning Guarantee

All children at St Helen’s will be entitled to high quality curriculum provision throughout the days, weeks and terms at St Helen’s.

  • Daily discrete English and Maths teaching and learning, as outlined in the National Curriculum.
  • High quality whole-class, group, collaborative and independent teaching and learning.
  • A learning environment that stimulates, supports and celebrates children’s learning.
  • Collective worship, the themes of which are interwoven into our taught curriculum.
  • Opportunity to celebrate achievements
  • Opportunity to reflect on learning.
  • Thematic, enquiry based learning.
  • Creative outcomes.

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