Curriculum Statement


The curriculum is what characterises life at St Helen’s and therefore it is vital that it is driven by core values and principles. These principles underpin and enhance the National Curriculum, which should be considered the minimum requirement.

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At St Helen’s, the curriculum is underpinned by:

  • A strong Christian ethos, in which Faith and the “Fruits of the Spirit” are encouraged and celebrated in both learning and social behaviours.
  • The principles of Building Learning Powers, giving the children the language and skills to learn and to understand the learning process.
  • Enquiry, allowing children the opportunity to explore within key themes.
  • Enterprise, ensuring that children have real and purposeful contexts for learning.
  • The Environment, ensuring that learning is relevant to children and incorporating forest school principles
  • The Arts, as a way of both deepening and expressing learning.
  • Core Skills in English and Maths, ensuring that all children have the skills to achieve across the curriculum

Learning Guarantee

All children at St Helen’s will be entitled to certain core provision throughout the days, weeks and terms at St Helen’s.


  • Daily discrete core skills in English and Maths as outlined in the National Curriculum. These sessions will be purposeful and where possible, linked to learning across the curriculum.
  • Collective worship, the themes of which are incorporated into learning in the classroom
  • Opportunities to access Enhanced Provision, to learn in a range of ways and to make decisions about their learning.
  • Access to a wide range of resources as provided by an enabling learning environment
  • The opportunity to reflect on their learning


  • Access to high quality, stimulating whole-class teaching and learning
  • Access to focused interventions to both support and extend learning in core skills
  • At least one small group guided session with the teacher in reading, writing, handwriting and maths
  • The opportunity to learn in a range of ways: collaboratively, independently, whole class, small group
  • The opportunity to work alongside a range of pupils through flexible groupings
  • Opportunity to celebrate achievements linked to learning powers and Fruits of the Spirit
  • Thematic, enquiry based learning with a hook and consistent “wow factor”, with no theme lasting more than 5 weeks.
  • Creative and quality outcomes
  • Blocked RE topics lasting at least two weeks per term.

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