Autumn 2018

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Dear Class 4 Families,

Welcome back to the start of an exciting new school year. It is lovely to be reunited with those children whom I taught in Year 2 and to be able to welcome those who have joined us in the time in between. We will be supported this year by Mrs Scibilia, an extremely experienced member of staff here at St Helen’s.

This term we will be focusing on the Christian idea of stewardship and in response to the children’s ideas and interests, will be looking at the issue of extinction facing species both locally, nationally and globally. The children will be encouraged and supported to further develop their independence as learners and to take increasing ownership over the direction their enquiries take. They will also be encouraged to use what they have learned to make a difference in the world and to develop a sense of courageous advocacy. (See curriculum overview attached)

To support this developing independence, please encourage your child to enter the classroom without you and to get themselves ready promptly for the school day. This is a really important social and emotional skill as your children are now among the older members of the school community.

To further support this, please encourage your child to be independent in ensuring they have all the necessary equipment and information to fully access the curriculum, such as PE/swimming kits, reading books and blue diaries, homework and letters etc.

Please ensure that you continue to support your child at home by reading with them at least 4 times each week, by collaborating with them in home learning tasks and encouraging them to carry out all such tasks to the best of their ability. Home learning will be set on Mondays and is due in the following Monday. It will always consist of spellings, times table practice, reading and IXL English and Maths tasks and it is vital that you support your child in these to ensure that they are practising accurately and effectively and that any work produced is of a standard acceptable at school.

Swimming will take place every Wednesday morning and PE/Art will be on a Thursday afternoon with Mr Waldron, Mrs Laska and Ms Hawkins, so please ensure that your child has all necessary kit in school on these days.

There will be a “meet the teacher” session on Tuesday 18th September at 3:45-4:00, during which I will be available to answer questions about the year.

Please continue to read the weekly email updates for information specific to your child and ensure that all consents are returned to school in order that your child is able to play a full part in the life of the school (specifically photo and internet permissions)

The new blog is now up and running at but please remember that without explicit permission, your child will not be included on the blog. It’s a fantastic resource and one that really inspires the children to achieve so we really appreciate your support.

Finally, a plea! If any of you have any planters, compost, cuttings, seeds or bulbs and/or any bird feeders/food, we would really love to brighten up the balcony area to make as vibrant a learning space as our indoor area. If you are able to help, please bring any donations straight to class.

I look forward to the year ahead.

Best wishes,

Mrs Northcott

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