Autumn 2018

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Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a super summer and everyone is ready for the exciting year ahead!

Year 2 is an important year for your child and I look forward to teaching, guiding and supporting them throughout the year with their learning. This term our learning will be based around the theme of Stewardship.  Throughout this project we will be looking at our local community and also exploring what we can do for the wider community and nationally.

Home learning will be send home every Friday, children will be given a maths and literacy task to be handed in the following Wednesday. Each Friday I will send home spelling words linked to SPAG sessions (we will practice these every day in class but will not be tested on these words), I will also send home an area of IXL that we have covered in the school that week. Home learning will be outlined in your child’s purple book, please bring this in every Thursday to receive the next set of home learning tasks. Please support your child in completing these tasks as they really do reinforce the learning done in school. If your child wishes to do any other learning at home, encourage them to use their home learning book (purple) so their efforts can be recognised and celebrated. Please do remember that work in your child’s home learning book should be completed to the best of their ability and that the same rules about presentation apply as in their school learning books. Please ensure that you read with your child at least four times each week and that you focus on their understanding of the text, not just their ability to read the words on the page.

It is very important this year that the children become more independent in their learning and with their own belongings. At the start of the day, children are asked to put their reading diaries and AR books into the bucket. Children will read with an adult throughout the week, so must ensure that they have their reading book and diary in every day. In addition to this please can you make sure that they have a named water bottle in school, so that they can have regular drinks throughout the day.

During the first half term Mr Waldron (PE) will be covering my PPA time on a Friday afternoon, followed by Miss Hawkins (Art/Outdoor Learning) after half term. This pattern will continue throughout the year. Please can PE kits stay in school, as I may also be teaching PE at other times throughout the week.

I’m really looking forward to the year ahead and please don’t hesitate to come in and speak to me if you have any concerns or questions.

Best wishes,

Mrs Fidler

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