As a Voluntary Aided school the Governing Body of St. Helen’s is the legal admitting authority.

The Governing Body is committed to a fair and equitable admissions process and, as such, has instructed the School Admissions department at the Local Authority (Devon County Council) to manage this process on the school’s behalf.

The Local Authority manage this process by ensuring that all applications and decisions adhere to the school’s published Admissions Policy. Our policies for the current year (September 2016 to August 2017) , next year (September 2017 to August 2018) and the following years (September 2018-Auguest 2019 & September 2019-2020) are available to download below.


Download “2017 St. Helen's Admissions Policy” 2017-St-Helens-admissions-policy-11.docx – Downloaded 252 times – 891 KB


Download “2018 St. Helen's Admissions Policy” 2018-St.-Helens-Admissions-Policy-Determined.docx – Downloaded 252 times – 1 MB


Download “2019 St. Helen's Admissions Policydetermined” 2019-St-Helens-admissions-policy-determined.pdf – Downloaded 126 times – 483 KB



Admissions in to the Reception Class at St. Helen’s

If you would like your child to attend St. Helen’s you have to make an application for admission through the Local  Authority. Neither the Local Authority nor the school will assume that you want a place and reserve one for you even if you have an older child at the school or live next to the school. Everybody has to apply and the Local Authority has a legal duty to manage applications for admission in order to make the process as fair and straightforward as possible. The Local Authority does this through our Co-ordinated Admissions Schemes which enable all parents to apply for a school place at the right time. For further information please contact the My Devon helpline on 0845 155 1019 for further information.

Admissions into any other school year group at St. Helen’s

For applications to be admitted at any other time in a child’s school career, please contact the My Devon helpline on 0845 155 1019 for further information.