At St. Helen's our vision LOVE - LEARN - SERVE ensures that our first priority is to treat others with love.

We teach children to 'love their neighbour as themselves' Mark 12:31 and to 'treat others as they would wish to be treated' Matthew 7:12 - with dignity and respect.

We teach children to forgive and to reconcile their differences so they may learn to disagree well and cope when things go wrong in life.

We expect all members of the school community, children and adults alike, to model and display the highest standards of behaviour and conduct at all times and to form positive relationships that create a sense of community and living well together.

Rather than focus on a set of rules, we focus on our school values which support our Christian vision while remaining inclusive to all.


We believe that our approach will ensure children develop the strength of character that will take them far beyond the school gates to become caring, compassionate and courageous citizens of the world.